Rules and Expectations for Google Meet & Hangouts

…and just like that, the school-year came to a screeching halt and we were all forced to transition to remote learning – yikes!  Thanks, COVID-19.

Personally, I love online learning. I teach my classes using the flipped learning model anyway, providing new material and lessons via Google Classroom and circulating around to assist and answer questions. For me, this wasn’t a huge, earth-shattering change; for others, I can’t even imagine the stress this put you through!

If your school or district is using the Google Suite to continue educating and keeping in touch with your students, it is so important to be aware of potential online dangers and set the ground rules right from the start.

As the tech-guru of my middle school, I made it my task to make sure the kids knew what was expected of them while my colleagues took the time to learn these tools that I was already familiar with. It worked out quite well! Our students have each reviewed and received a copy of these sets of expectations, via Google Classroom. So far, we have had minimal problems, things seem to be going as smoothly as can be expected with such short notice.

Download your OWN copy of these rules and expectations for FREE on my Teachers Pay Teachers page! Remember to follow me on TPT for updates on my latest products. 


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