Students in the Avon Public Schools are required to put together an e-portfolio to be evaluated prior to graduation.  This is a cumulative portfolio displaying exemplary work completed throughout the students years in the Avon Schools.

Beginning in 2013, students will organize their portfolios by creating pages for each of the five Learning Expectations.  The Learning Expectations are as follows:

-Learning Expectation 1: Information Acquisition, Evaluation and Application
(Examples: Research Projects, Research Papers)

-Learning Expectation 2: Effective Communication
(Examples: Open Responses, Research Papers, Writing Pieces, Oral Presentations)

-Learning Expectation 3: Problem Solving
(Examples: Science Labs, Math Projects)

-Learning Expectation 4: Collaboration and Cooperation
(Examples: Any type of group work or group projects)

-Learning Expectation 5: Respect and Responsibility (for self, community, world)
(Examples: ACES, Diversity Club, Admiration Essay, Citations and Bibliographies, Leadership, Community Service)

A complete explanation of each of these expectations and their indicators can be viewed here.



When adding work to the portfolio, students should include the date the work was completed, as well as a reflection.  The reflection should answer the following questions in one or two well written paragraphs:

  1. What was the assignment?
  2. What did you learn?
  3. What did you do well?
  4. What would you change if you could do the assignment over again?
  5. What learning expectation did you meet, and how?
  6. Which indicator on the expectations rubric did you meet, and how?



Click to view video tutorial.

  1. Navigate to your portfolio (, sign in with your account, select your portfolio (digital-portfolio-of-your-name).
  2. Click on the New Page button in the top right corner.
  3. Give your page a name. (Learning Expectations pages should be named Learning Expectation 1, Learning Expectation 2, etc.)
  4. Select ‘Put Page at the Top Level‘.
  5. Click Create.
  6. Add the description of your page or learning expectation to the body of the page.
  7. Press Save.

Embedding a Prezi into your Portfolio or Google Site