From the 2017 – 2018 Student Handbook:


Students are not allowed to use phones and personal electronic devices during classes unless directed to do so by the teacher as part of instruction. All cell phones and electronic devices are to be powered off and out of sight during class time. If a teacher asks to confiscate a phone or personal music device when the school rule has been violated, we expect student compliance. Non-compliance may result in detention or possible suspension from school. Any confiscated device will be returned to the student or the student’s parents either at the end of the day when confiscated or at the school’s convenience.

We ask parents not to call or text students during classes, as this is very distracting to the student and to the class. In the case of an emergency while a student is in class, please call the Principal’s Office at 508-583-4822. The student will be notified immediately, and will be allowed to speak with the parent or guardian, in privacy if needed, in an office away from classmates and instruction.

Although the school responds quickly and with serious discipline in cases of theft, including reports made to the police when deemed necessary, the school is not responsible for replacing lost, stolen, or damaged cell phones or music devices whether confiscated or not. In addition, the school discourages students from bringing electronic game devices to school.

MISUSE & CRIMINAL ACTS: Students may not use a cell phone to engage in cyber bullying. All reports of cyber bullying whether committed during or after school hours, or at school events, are subject to school and possible police investigation. It is also a criminal act to make an audio recording of any staff or student member without that person’s permission. Use of any recording devices, including cell phones or video equipped IPods to make an audio recording will be reported to the police. In addition, use of a cell phone to take an inappropriate video recording or photos and subsequent sharing of the video or photos during school or at school events will be reported to the police and the student may be suspended from school for up to ten days.