Typing Games & Websites

Typing Web

Nitro Type

Excuses, Excuses

Typing Speed Test

Super Hyper Spider Typer


Horse Racing Typing

Typing Hero

Rapid Typing Zone

Fast Typer

Finger Jig


Fowl Words

Typing Expert

Finger Frenzy

Type Down

Keyboard Skills


Alpha Typing

Treasure Dive

Keyboard Revoution


Typing Defense

Type Type Revolution

Trick or Type

Typing Tidepool

Moon Type

Key Racer

Keyboard Mayhem

Air Typer

Power Typing

Bubbles Typing Game

Peter's Online Typing Course

Magic Spells

Keyboarding Education

Keyboard Ninja

Cup Stacking

Snow Typer

Word Mountain

Farm Defender

Rocket Typing

Quick Type

Dance Mat Typing

Keyboard Climber

Keyboard Climber 2

Also, thank you to the kids at Morrow Community Center for sharing this great resource with me: Typing ResourcesVisit this page for links to tons of fun typing activities!