Sub Plans

Please find your class and complete these activities if I am out unexpectedly.

*If I know ahead of time that I am going to be out, I will leave separate plans with the substitute.


Grades 7 & 8

Digital Footprint Powtoon
Create a Powtoon PSA (Public Service Announcement) on Digital Footprints/THINK Before You Post.  Research the information below, and use Powtoon to create this PSA.
-What does T.H.I.N.K. stand for?
-What do each of these letters mean? Describe them in your own words, in more detail than the picture!!
-What is a digital footprint?
-What effect does your digital footprint have on your life?
-Why should you THINK, and post more responsibly?
-What apps or social media sites might be included?


CodeAdademy or CodeHS: Log in and continue with the lessons you left off on.  You may also choose a new topic or programming language to start learning in my absences.