Intro to Computer Science

Miss Kay

Room 103

G Block (2016-2017)


Scratch Profile:

Welcome to Intro to Computer Science, where we will spend a semester exploring the principles of computer science and trying our hand at computer programming!


Daily Practices

-Bring something to write with.

-Bring headphones (see me if this is a problem).

-Check SchoolBrains and your School Email regularly.

Google Classroom will be used for all of our class documents, links, assignments, etc.  You must check Google Classroom daily.

-If I am out sick (unexpectedly), please see my Sub Plans page for your assignment.

-Students are responsible for making up any missed assignments.


Cell Phones:

Please refer to the Cell Phone Policy outlined in your Student Handbook. To summarize, your phones may not be used or even in sight unless a teacher specifically tells you to use it for an educational purpose.


Grading Policy

  • Assignments:
    • 100% of your term grade.
    • Assignments will be given point values.
    • Points will be averaged at the end of the term.
  • Final Exam:
    • 20% of your final grade