Grade 7

scratchMiss Kay

Room 103

C & E Blocks – Semester 1 (2017-2018)


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About This Class

Seventh graders will spend one semester working with exciting tools such as Scratch, Makey Makeys, Bloxels, Blogger, and more!


Please refer to Classroom Rules in the menu on the right.

Please refer to Classroom Procedures and Policies in the menu on the right.

(See this document for more detailed descriptions of policies and procedures.)


Daily Practices

-Please arrive on time.  This means in your seat and engaged before the second bell rings.

-Pease place your cell phone in the cell phone hotel.  You can, and will, live without it. Trust me.

-Check Google Classroom for the days agenda and notes.

-Begin your bell-ringer activity, which is usually typing practice, unless otherwise specified in Google Classroom. 

-Make sure to check SchoolBrains and your School Email regularly, on your own time (not during instructional time).